Our projects primarily focus on automated and mobile systems, EOM solutions and stand-alone stations.
We have delivered over 30 mobile systems not only in Czechia and Slovakia, but also abroad.

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Removal of Layers of Precious Metals by Femtosecond Laser

High-precision station with dynamically controlled seven axes of freedom with the implementation of a UV femtosecond laser for the removal of layers of gold, platinum and silver in 3D surfaces with…
Odstranování KTL

Removal of KTL Paint before Welding

Robotic cell with 1000W cleaning laser and sweeping head for removing KTL paint before stocking batteries and subsequent welding of battery modules for electric cars.
Připrava povrchů před implementaci PVD-01

Surface Preparation before Implementation of PVD and Metal Coatings

Multiaxial device with a ps laser with a wavelength of 532 nm for surface preparation before the technology of selective magnetron deposition of PVD coatings and metals on cutting and drilling tools.
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Selective Removal of Forging and Paint from the Interior Elements of Instruments

Precise device for laser removal of forging and tampo-print with dynamic focusing of the exact position of the “laser etching” without damaging the base plastic with immediate quality evaluation.
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Surface Preparation before Welding of Batteries

Laser system for cleaning battery surfaces with dynamic positioning and trajectory correction before laser welding of batteries and aluminum conductors.

Degreasing of Surfaces before Nickel Plating of Anilox Cylinders

OEM laser system for surface preparation before using the final metal on anilox rollers using dynamic spreading optics and a 1000W laser with a homogenized rectangular spot.
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20+ Mobile Cleaning Lasers 200-1000 W

We have installled over 20 mobile cleaning Lasers in Czechia and Slovakia. SPYRE is designed as highly reliable, maintenance-free laser system that can be integrated into automated production.

Automated High Speed 3D Decoating of Headlights

Robotic cell with two robots for high-speed 3D decoating of headlights metal layers with implemented camera analysis based on deep learning and fully equipped IoT technology.
čištění olejů

Laser Pre-treatment of Surfaces before Painting

High-speed cleaning of battery pack covers integrated into an automated paintshop ensuring maximum paint adhesion on components from 500×300 mm to 1200×300 mm with elimination of the non-ecological chemical pretreatment.
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Robotic Cell for Laser Cleaning of Jigs in the Online Paintshop

Closed and autonomous robotic cell, integrated into online paint shop with customized 1000 W laser with defined pulse length and energy for cleaning after the painting and aluminium plating process.

Decontamination of Radioactive Paint

Separation of radioactive coatings with a pulsed laser Nd: YAG. Average performance of 1000 W and a dynamic scanning head with a beam width of 230 mm reducing radiation emissivity to level 1.
robotická buňka

Automated 3D Laser Cleaning System C-class 2021 Platform

300W pulse laser with a modified optical path and beam homogenization for removal of silicates, heat, oxides and grease. Cleaning head with a sweeping speed of 16 m/s at a speed 320 mm/s.

Selective Elimination of Forging Defects

Robotic cell with manual loading for 3D selective laser removal of metal layers outside the required area of the headlights with dynamic position guidance.

Automated High Speed 3D Laser Decoating

Robotic cell for high-speed 3D selective laser decoating of metal and paint layers of rear headlights with implemented complete camera analysis based on deep learning.
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Laser Selective Insulation Removal

Process line for inline laser selective removal of contact insulation in the production of electric vehicles using a pulsed CO2 cleaning laser and a dynamic scanning process head.