Stand-alone, single-purpose stations with manual or automated loading/unloading of cleaned parts.

If the customer wishes, we can integrate the automatic manipulation of parts inside the machine, which enables clients to also process irregularly shaped parts. As standard, we implement the control environment for operators and maintenance on SIEMENS control components.

Selected References

Odstraňování vrstev vzácných kovů-01

Removal of Layers of Precious Metals by Femtosecond Laser

High-precision station with dynamically controlled seven axes of freedom with the implementation of a UV femtosecond laser for the removal of layers of gold, platinum and silver in 3D surfaces with…
Odstranování KTL

Removal of KTL Paint before Welding

Robotic cell with 1000W cleaning laser and sweeping head for removing KTL paint before stocking batteries and subsequent welding of battery modules for electric cars.
Připrava povrchů před implementaci PVD-01

Surface Preparation before Implementation of PVD and Metal Coatings

Multiaxial device with a ps laser with a wavelength of 532 nm for surface preparation before the technology of selective magnetron deposition of PVD coatings and metals on cutting and drilling tools.