SPYRE cleaning lasers made by LASCAM are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers as well as the highest standards for processing quality and safety. They are suitable for application in continuous production in industry.


Degreasing surfaces

Preparation of surfaces before painting, gluing, and sealing without the need to create an anchoring profile, phosphating, or other chemical pre-treatment. Environmentally friendly and waste-free substitute for the current chemical preparation and degreasing of surfaces.

Paint shop maintenance

Preventive and regular maintenance of drying ovens, painting chambers, paint shops, and their peripherals. Environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral removal of condensates, primers, and metallic layers from operational impurities without the need to solve waste management. Effective replacement for high-pressure water cleaning, pyrolysis, or mechanical removal.
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Weld preparation and treatment

Preparation of metal surfaces before welding, ensuring maximum cleanliness and weld quality free from defects caused by surface impurities. Subsequent treatment of welds – removal of oxides, silicates, heat-affected zones, and surface activation before subsequent painting or passivation processes.



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