We offer a wide range of partially and fully automated laser systems. The modular design of these laser systems allows you to select the optimal device configuration for your application.

Fully automated high-performance cleaning systems maximise the benefits of laser technology and their potential for economic return. Our team will provide you with support from the first tests of the technology through to its complete implementation, and we provide reliable service and technical support even for non-standard requirements, such as cleaning pipes or radioactive waste.

Selected References

Odstranování KTL

Removal of KTL Paint before Welding

Robotic cell with 1000W cleaning laser and sweeping head for removing KTL paint before stocking batteries and subsequent welding of battery modules for electric cars.

Automated High Speed 3D Decoating of Headlights

Robotic cell with two robots for high-speed 3D decoating of headlights metal layers with implemented camera analysis based on deep learning and fully equipped IoT technology.
čištění olejů

Laser Pre-treatment of Surfaces before Painting

High-speed cleaning of battery pack covers integrated into an automated paintshop ensuring maximum paint adhesion on components from 500×300 mm to 1200×300 mm with elimination of the non-ecological chemical pretreatment.