Cleaning lasers with intuitive manual control and adjustable parameters for cleaning impurities from various surfaces.

SPYRE cleaning lasers have a unified chassis specially designed and manufactured to meet the needs of industrial production. We use components of the highest standard, and pay attention to the quality of manufacturing, machine safety, and ergonomics.

We can connect to devices and remotely diagnose fault conditions, with the possibility to change settings. All supplied devices collect factory data.

Standard Models

Cleaning before and after welding, removing layers of oxidised aluminium and steel, and surface activation before gluing.

SPYRE – Specifications

Above-standard mechanical resistance and robustness enable frequent handling and application in busy metal production plants, engineering plants, foundries, and other locations with demanding conditions for standard machines.

The patented sweep of the laser beam eliminates over-burning at the edges of the cleaning line – creating a homogeneous cleaning effect on the material – and eliminating the need for multiple passes.

Typical Applications

The basic principle of laser decoating is the partial removal of thin vapour-deposited, sputtered, or varnished layers, with thickness measure in units of μm, to preserve the visual and functional properties of the base material. This process does away with masking individual parts and so eliminates maintaining jigs and simple changes to the pattern that is removed from the base material. Because of the frequent use of the process on visible or exposed surfaces, the process must meet high requirements for accuracy and homogeneity of the result.

A commonly used base material is polymer, from which metal layers – such as aluminium, iron, chromium, or other layers with a polymer or metal base – are removed. We use 10–100 W lasers with a very short and powerful pulse that has minimal impact on the base material, which guarantees a wide possibility of layer thicknesses and types of basic materials.


Additional Equipment

SPYRE IoT Connected

Option to monitor parameters and device status in real-time.

Extended Delivery Fibre

To improve its range, the optical fibre can be extended up to 18 m.



Option to supply a working head balancer for ergonomic cleaning in hard-to-access areas.

Head Wheel Support

To manually clean large areas, we also supply a special construction to fix the focal distance. This significantly smooths user operations and speeds up work.

Industrial Fume Extraction Unit with Filtration

Delivery includes an external fume extraction unit with three filtration levels (including chemical filtration), according to the laser use.

Service Agreement and Smart Glasses

Servicing with guaranteed arrival times or immediate support using smart glasses.



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